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I have been using Valencia Animal Hospital for my pets for many years. I have always found the staff to be very helpful and concerned for my pets' well being. They are courteous and always schedule an appointment to fit my needs. Dr. Claire Zepeda is always attentive and takes the time to thoroughly assess the problem. I have 3 dogs, one with valley fever, so I am critical of all care given to them. Dr. Zepeda never disappoints.ᅠI can tell you all, veterinary treatment isn't cheap wherever you go. I recommend pet insurance as soon as you get a pet. Insurance will really help decrease your vet bills.

Dr. Zepeda is a great vet. She is very knowledgeable and caring. I have not had any problems for 2 1/2 yrs. Feel safe knowing that our dog is being well cared for.

Although the clinic is a bit of a drive for me and the cats, Dr. Z and the staff at Valencia Animal Hospital are well worth the trek. The clinic is exceptionally clean with separate entrances and rooms for cats and dogs. The wait time is quick to below average, and Dr. Z is attentive, caring, and hilarious too. She is one of the few vets I have been to that seems to have an equal love for all types of animals: cats, dogs, birds, etc! As a cat owner, I appreciate the care and patience Dr. Z exercises while dealing with my crabby old boy cat. This has not often been the case at other vets.


The other thing to note: I have never felt pressured to order expensive tests. The doctor is very clear to distinguish between tests that are absolutely necessary, recommended, and top of the line. With a hyperthyroid and heart murmur cat, the tests alone could wipe out my bank accounts and then some. It's been really great to work with a vet that is sensitive to your limitations and helps you plan/manage your pet's care without making you feel irresponsible. ᅠShe is great about giving multiple options of both diagnostics and treatment, again without pushing the most expensive plan as the mandatory course of action.


The pricing for my animals medication is also noticeably cheaper here than in comparison to what I was paying at a VCA clinic and another private vet clinic.

Overall, I appreciate the hospital's great care, good prices, and respectfulness. Highly recommended!


Valencia Animal Hospital is a BBB Accredited Veterinarian in Tucson, AZ

9040 E. Valencia Road #118 Tucson, AZ 85747

Valencia Animal Hospital

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