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“Grill Problems”


Hello Friends, “Cookie” here.  I would like to talk a little about dental health.  One thing I have learned while working as Valencia Animal Hospital’s security cat is that dental health plays an important role in a pet’s overall health.  If unaddressed dental health can effect much more than a pet’s teeth.  In advanced stages pets can experience pain, abscess, weight loss, and damage to the really important parts like the kidneys, liver and heart. If you notice your pet has bad breath, discolored or missing teeth or seems painful when eating, schedule an appointment with the vet to have their teeth checked out.



Don’t be fooled, dental disease hurts! Take it from the bravest warrior of all, myself, that having rotten teeth is a pain, but having to have teeth pulled is even worse.  Dogs and cats are super skilled at hiding their pain and will often not show any signs or symptoms until things are way out of control. It’s up to you, pet moms and dads, to watch out for your pet’s health and make them “take their vitamins” -so to speak.


“Flip The Lip”


Remember that your pet’s teeth need as much daily care as yours do!  Although they don’t floss or use mouthwash, daily brushing is the best way to keep your pet’s mouth healthy.  Brush with a pet safe toothpaste (available at your vet’s office) and a soft pediatric toothbrush.  Once a day brushing for pets is sufficient, which is nice since everyone has a very busy schedule.  Also annual check ups with the vet to assess stages of dental disease are needed.  Checking your pet’s mouth daily can help with early detection of any problems, like broken teeth, bad breath, tartar build up or oral lesions or tumors. So Open Wide and explore!



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