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This is a veterinary clinic I drive over thirty miles to get to, and I do not mind the drive considering the excellent level of care and service Valencia Animal Hospital has provided me in the past. Dr. Zepeda is one of the smartest Veterinary doctors I have met, and she has always been patient with both my questions and concerns. During my last visit, our family dog was very sick and it ultimately led to her having to be put to sleep. At this time I was unprepared for this tragic outcome and the staff stood by my side and patiently allowed me the time I needed in the room. Not only did they treat my faithful companion with the best of care, but they treated me with a level of understanding that I did not expect. They took care of everything for me and even made me a ceramic paw print (I was too emotional to even think to ask for one), so that her memory could be preserved into a tangible item. Furthermore, the cost for service was completely reasonable and manageable considering I was unprepared for the testing and treatment that subsequently came with this outcome. I would recommend this clinic to all of my friends and family! The level of service I have received at Valencia Animal Hospital is far superior than any other clinic I have taken my beloved pet to! Every time I take my cat to this clinic for her wellness check, it is a positive experience. The Veterinarian (Dr. Zepeda), makes it a point to clearly and concisely address all of my concerns, and explains everything in a patient tone (I don't feel as though she is rushing out of the room). The cost is appropriate for any budget, and I feel as though the treatment plan is what is actually needed and not just a way to make the clinic money. I would recommend this to all my friends and family!




9040 E. Valencia Road #118 Tucson, AZ 85747

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