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I've been in Tucson for over 16 yrs, and by far this Vet Hospital is one of the best (I've been to 4 others). Just about every home owner in my subdivision take their pet/s there and it's not ᅠjust because of the local. The staff is very caring , knowledgeable, informative and accommodating. The hospital is very clean. They know their clients' name as well as their owner when they walk in.


I don't know why people are ever so grateful when the Vet and staff get you in ASAP to take care of your pets emergency needs, (I've had appointments and have waited with "no attitude" for people with urgent walk-ins), and then turn around and nick pick the bill or complain about questions you didn't ask the Vet and staff when they told you the first time. Besides, you can always call them back and ask.


If you walk in at closing, they will not shut you out.

From what I've seen for myself and feedback from my friends in and out of the neighborhood, they thoroughly enjoy this hospital and recommended them. Thank you, Dr. Zepeda and Dr. Chmiel and staff.


8:00am - 5:30pm
7 days a week

9040 E. Valencia Road #118 Tucson, AZ 85747